Conference Registration

Getting ready to register for the 2017 AAZK Conference? Before you do, take a look at all of our programming opportunities!

First, decide if you’d like to attend one of AAZK’s three Professional Certificate Courses. Each PCC is 12 hours of instruction, so delegates will attend the Course for all three afternoons and will be unable to attend any other Workshop programming.

If you haven’t chosen a Professional Certificate Course, click here to learn more about our Topical Workshops.

Open Topical Workshops have unlimited attendance and do not require pre-registration to attend. View the schedule and topics for 2017 Open Topical Workshops.

Limited Topical Workshops have a maximum of 60 participants. Each delegate is able to register for two Limited Topical Workshops for the whole week. Some Limited Topical Workshops may have two parts. Delegates will need to register for BOTH Part 1 and Part 2, and this will account for their total workshop opportunities. View the schedule and topics for 2017 Limited Topical Workshops.

If you do not choose to register for either the Professional Certificate Courses or the Limited Topical Workshops, you will be able to attend the Open Topical Workshops held in the ballroom.

Don’t forget to check out the available pre- and post-conference trips. You can come back and purchase tickets for pre- and post-conference trips at any time, but remember that space is limited.

Conference registration does not include accommodation. Book your hotel room at the Grand Hyatt for a reduced conference rate of $165/night, subject to availability.

Early-bird registration ends Friday, July 28th and registration will increase by $100. Additionally, after July 28th, conference rates at the Grand Hyatt will no longer be available.

Register now for the 2017 National AAZK Conference!