Papers, Posters, and Workshops

AAZK’s Professional Development Committee will put out calls for abstracts for Papers, Posters, and Workshops throughout the year leading up to the conference. Please keep an eye on your email, the AAZK website, or the AAZK Facebook page for details for abstract submission. The conference theme is Keepers United in Saving Species.

AAZK Professional Certificate Courses

Professional Certificate Courses (PCCs) are in-depth classes with twelve hours of classroom instruction time.  All courses are planned and executed using Subject Matter Experts from the Conference Host Institution. The PCCs that will be offered at the 2017 AAZK National Conference in Washington D.C. are:

  • Keeper Excellence in Research
  • Nutrition
  • Reptile and Amphibian Husbandry

Detailed information about the AAZK Professional Certificate Courses is available here.

Attendance for each course is limited and participants will need to register for PCCs at the time of general conference registration.

Topical Workshop Registration

The Professional Development Committee will be offering two types of Topical Workshops in 2017.

We will be offering Open Topical Workshops in a ballroom setting. Open Topical Workshops have unlimited attendance and do not require pre-registration to attend.

See the abstracts for Open Topical Workshops at the 2017 Conference.

New in 2017, we will be offering Topical Workshops with Limited Attendance. Each conference delegate is able to register for two (2) Limited Topical Workshop at the time of general conference registration. Additional Limited Topical Workshop opportunities may be available after registration is complete at the conference.

Please note: Some Limited Topical Workshops may have two parts. Delegates will need to register for BOTH Part 1 and Part 2, and this will account for their total workshop opportunities.

Delegates registering for more than the maximum number of Limited Topical Workshops will be contacted by a member of the AAZK Professional Development Committee to adjust their preferences.

See the abstracts for Limited Topical Workshops at the 2017 Conference.

Conference Paper and Poster Submissions

Paper authors will receive 15 minutes to present with 5 minutes for questions. Poster authors will have their posters displayed throughout the conference with an official Poster Session to be held at a date yet to be determined. Posters will be judged during the week of the conference and awards will be presented to the top three posters during the official Poster Session.

  • Material Submission Deadline: July 15, 2017

For more information on the conference program, please contact the AAZK Professional Development Committee at