Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders – store

You can also support the Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders – a cause championed by Lauren Augustine, a reptile keeper at NZP – by purchasing reusable chopsticks here or bumper stickers (see below) here!

This piece of art was created specifically to support Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders.  This digital print measures 8×10″ and is matted so that the total size of the artwork is 11×14″.  SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!!  ONLY 35 PRINTS WILL BE SOLD!

Purchase this print by clicking here!

Each print is $35.00 + $2.00 shipping & handling.

Artist bio: Ashley Hauck is a digital artist who focuses on vector illustrations of animals, such as birds, amphibians and butterflies. These works are part of an ongoing series in which she experiments with color, form, and her own personal style preferences. Ashley chose to portray animals because of her strong interest in the outdoors. The animals she chooses to recreate have a natural beauty that is enhanced by her use of color and graphics. By incorporating these eye-catching sets of color into the images, Ashley is able to transform these everyday forms into unique works of art.